Rumouz Services:

Consulting Services - Implementation Services - Project Management Services - Openshift Redhat - Micro services - DevOps - Private and public cloud management - Hybird and multi-cloud provisioningadb management - IIB - BPM - ODM - Oracle Development Services -Upgrade Services - Migration and Integration Services - Database Administration Services - Training Services

Consulting Services

Rumouz provides Enterprise solutions to meet the business needs of leading organizations worldwide. We have a track record of delivering key business solutions with Oracle E-Business Suite. Our consultants understand the issues affecting businesses and have the necessary industry experience and comprehensive implementation experience to extend the best practices followed worldwide and leverage on the investment. We assist our clients to analyze and understand the key business drivers and market requirements faci n g them, to devise solutions and provide cost-effective Oracle implementations. We work alongside our clients to ensure that the appropriate technology is employed wisely, meets the requirements exactly, and delivers business benefits.

We can assist organi zations by providing a complete range of consultancy services. Rumouz ' s consultants form a diversified disciplines and are hence multi-skilled team. Acknowledged experts in their chosen field, who can communicate with our clients in business terms and cont ribute to all phases of the implementation life-cycle: from problem identification, through to solutions formulation, procurement, delivery into handover and operation. Our consultants are able to review business processes, workflow management and operati o ns, as well as understand the technical systems required to implement changes.

Our consultants work in partnership with our clients and are able to contribute to all phases of the solution life-cycle from problem identification to solu tion delivery into handover and operation.

Implementation Services

Many companies promise Oracle expertise, on-time delivery, and on-budget projects. Rumouz delivers on the promise and has references to prove it! Rumouz's experienced consultants, not-to-exceed contracts, and project tracking diligence ensures that your project will exceed expectations. Whether working with you in a traditional environment or as a hosted customer, our highly experienced consultants will ensure that your systems investment and business processes help your organization.

Our Implementation Services:

- Project Planning and Management

- Sizing & Installation

- Requirements Analysis

- Business Process Modeling

- Project Team Training

- MAP and GAP Analysis

- Solution Design / Setup Decisions

- Conference Room Pilot

- Application Setup

- User Procedure Development

- Custom Development

- Data Conversion / Development

- User Training and Documentation

- Testing

- Production Deployment and Cutover

- Production Support

Project Management Services

Rumouz's Project Methodology, the Oracle's AIM is a proven and reliable framework for a successful Oracle initiative, from strategy and planning through design and execution. We provide our customers with the skills and tools necessary to ensure successful project direction; and we design and implement an approach that reduces risk and assures success.

The key Project Management Services we deliver are:

- Project Chartering & Scoping

- Resource Management

- Financial Budget Management

- Communication Management

- Server & Storage Consolidation

- Project Planning

- Training Planning

- Risk Management

- Quality Management

- Project Execution

Openshift Redhat

Red Hat OpenShift unites application development and operations teams onto a single platform to build, deploy and manage applications. Continuous integration, increased agility and shorter development life cycles accelerate application deployments and drives greater business value and lowers operating costs.


When treated as an afterthought, security can slow continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) programs reducing your team’s ability to innovate at speed. Cloudentity’s identity security solutions easily embed security into your existing CI/CD pipeline, allowing your team to deliver value without sacrificing speed or security.

Private and public cloud management


Hybird and multi-cloud provisioningadb management








Oracle Development Services

Rumouz can help you decide when to develop and when not to, to identify the best tools and approaches to suit your development projects, and to determine what skills are necessary to achieve your desired time frame. Most important, Rumouz can help you understand the potential impact of development on your future Oracle systems, so you avoid the upgrade "hang-over" when development is not optimally planned and executed.

Our Development Services include:

- Technical Evaluation

- Rapid Prototyping

- Application Customization

- Custom Integration & Data Migration

- Data Analysis & Custom Reporting

- Data Warehouse Development

- E-Business and Portal Solution Development

- Remote and Offshore Development

Upgrade Services

Rumouz understands that upgrades represent a full dimension of skills and services and are not just limited to technology. Our upgrade methodology focuses on careful project planning, skilled project management and training. We focus on mission critical and time sensitive deliverables and dependencies ensuring a successful upgrade.

The key Upgrade Services we provide include:

- Upgrade Strategy Assessment

- Upgrade Planning

- Capacity & Architecture Planning

- Upgrade Development

- Re-implementation

- New Features Training

- Customization Elimination • Customization Elimination

- Upgrade Testing

- Upgrade Tuning

- Repeatability Testing

- Production Upgrade

- Parallel Testing

- Upgrade Verification

Migration and Integration Services

Rumouz's integration expertise dates back to our first implementation of Oracle Applications in 2009. Applying deep knowledge of Oracle Application architecture amassed over more than 10 years of complex integration and data conversion projects, RUMOUZ delivers packaged as well as custom integration solutions for our clients. Our integration software framework is an integrated set of interface and data migration software components for Oracle E-Business Suite. Rumouz's integration and data migration capabilities serve as a cost-effective, flexible and supported solution for Oracle application users who want to interface or convert data into Oracle Applications, without having to continually reinvent the wheel.

Common applications of our capabilities include:

- Legacy Data Conversion

- Re-implementation Data Migration

- Best-of-Breed Application Integration

- E-Commerce Integration

- Implementation Project Phasing Enablement

- Merger & Acquisition Support

Database Administration Services

RUMOUZ delivers the full complement of database, application, network, and systems administration services required to run your Oracle Applications environments smoothly.

The Database Administration services we deliver are:

- System Design & Architecture

- Software Installation & Patching

- Database Creation & Maintenance

- Fusion Middleware Configuration

- Network Configuration

- O/S Configuration

- Backup & Recovery Configuration

- Storage Management

- Performance Tuning

- Remote Monitoring

- Application System Administration

- Platform Migration (e.g. Linux)

Training Services

RUMOUZ delivers client-specific, role-based training that ensures your staff knows your business rules as well as how Oracle E-Business Suite software works. The RUMOUZ Training Plan provides a framework in which short and long-term training strategies can be designed, planned, deployed, and tracked in a consistent manner. Tailored to meet the specific requirements of an organization or department, the RUMOUZ ensures success by bringing time-tested, proven training techniques and education solutions to every learning environment. Most of our resources are recognized as Oracle University faculties and have been engaged with training of Oracle Applications right from the inception of the company.

Our Training Offerings Include:

- Technical Boot Camp

- Executive Management Training

- Upgrade New Features Training

- Project Team Training

- End-User Training

- Specialized Workshops

Outsourcing Services

Enterprises today need partners who can deliver a complete solution. Rumouz is made up of an elite group of professionals who implement complex enterprise solutions, integrate sophisticated systems and develop interfaces between essential applications to make business a reality. Our resources manage, implement and support complex information technology projects that deliver sustained competitive advantage for organizations of every size and complexity. As a Certified Partner with Oracle, Rumouz resources are uniquely qualified to put the promise of success into action, and deliver enhanced return on investment for every one of our customers. Rumouz resources offer industry market expertise that compliments Oracle and other partners. Our consultants average more than 7 years of industry experience; most of Rumouz consultants hold advanced degrees, professional designations and Oracle product certifications.